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"Feel the Energy, Feel the Power"

Can you feel it? What is it? Well, the "it" is the power or energy. When you plug your light into an outlet, it connects with a power source. Therefore, the light should come on. The same holds true in relationships. When you connect with positive people, you should detect and feel their energy. The energy can be both positive and negative and you still have the ability to sense it through the realm of vibrations. Another example could be that of a coach coming into a locker room and motivating his team. The words he uses can stimulate the players in a way where they want to go out and play and play to win. The converse is true as well. If that same coach comes into the locker room and does not effectively motivate his players, the players can also sense the lack of energy and motivation. This could very well spill over into the lives of the players and the results on the field or court will reflect their internal base of power and energy, or effort. So when you ask someone the question, "Can you feel it?" Be prepared for the answer because it will be recognizable before you say a single word. You are Success and I Am,

Corey P. Dunlap, World Class and First Class Speaker

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