The Criminal Justice Mentoring Program-

"Project I AM SUCCESS" 


Children are our Future

For over 20 years, Corey P. Dunlap has worked in the Criminal Justice system. He has worked side by side with prosecutors, defense attorneys and before judges, as he played a neutral role in the court prosecution system. As the supervisor over the Court Services Unit, he along with his staff, have facilitated over 30,000 releases from jail and has counseled hundreds of youths while working for the Department of Juvenile Justice. While working in this arena, Corey has met hundreds, if not thousands of people with all kinds of issues and problems with the legal system. Understanding the impact crime has on families and the community as a whole, Corey developed programs and facilitated events which purposed to affect communities in a positive way. Through these events, he has impacted all age groups ranging from 10 years old to 25 years of age. He believes that a good EDUCATION is the key to success and the solution to CRIME. Allow Corey the opportunity to bring his experience, methods and philosophy to addressing the heightened rate of BULLYING to your school, college or event. He believes that if you can change the way children or teenagers THINK you can change the DIRECTION of their lives. In order to change something negative, you must replace it with something positive. 

Children are our FUTURE and let's work together to both invest in and protect the future. Please contact Corey P. Dunlap, a world class speaker: (562) 27-EAGLE (-32453); or email him at: for more information.

"The fight is more mental, than physical; promote education."


Corey P. Dunlap

World Class Motivational Speaker 



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